cabinet doors with glass

What are hidden cabinet features?

A kitchen, bathroom or other location isn’t limited merely to cabinet shelves for storage. A skilled cabinetmaker can install hidden features that make the most of every inch of space. Consider these following options for your next remodel or total renovation:

  • Sink tip-out tray: A false drawer front adjustment and plastic tray installation at a sink can give you access to a new storage area for cleaning sponges, scrubbers and other items.
  • Drawer wine storage: A wide, deep kitchen cabinet drawer can be remodeled to hold wine bottle racks or a wine cooler or fridge system.
  • Slide-out extensions: Many cabinets have a lot of space under the counter-tops that are perfect for the addition of a slide-out cutting board or peninsula/island work space and dining extension.

At Builders Outlet, we specialize in providing our clients in Denver and surrounding areas with the latest cabinet features for making the most of their space. For additional information about how we can update your cabinets, contact us today.

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