I need new kitchen cabinet hardware

Update you cabinet hardware

At Builders Outlet, we often refer to cabinet hardware as “jewelry.” There’s a good reason. You can quickly and inexpensively update cabinets in your home while expressing your personality by simply changing the hardware. Consider the following:

  1. Cabinet doors that currently don’t have exterior hardware can look blank and uninviting in certain rooms depending on room size, shape and interior design theme.
  2. Manufacturers offer hardware made of a wide range of materials, including wood, stone, brass, bronze, cast iron, stainless steel, nickel, chrome, ceramic and resin.
  3. Shapes aren’t limited either. You can select from knobs, pulls, handles and hinges in a variety of modern geometric and traditional shapes and decorative styles. Some manufacturers even offer cabinet hardware in animal, plant and other forms.

Our team of designers at Builders Outlet can help you choose the cabinetry jewelry that best fits your tastes and needs. Call or visit us today.

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