Top 10 Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends of 2018

Top 10 Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends of 2018Are you in the market to do a complete kitchen remodel? Why not start at the cabinets? They aren’t just for storage, they are an essential factor to your remodel. They’re the glue that holds everything else together. Not many things have changed in the cabinet world but there are a few things of interest that you should know about.

Here are 10 cabinet color trends to take into consideration when remodeling your kitchen.

1. Use of Oakwood

Oakwood kitchen cabinets are starting to make their way back on to the marketplace in the form of driftwood, and cerused finishes. There are several appeals to oak.

It’s got a neutral color, dimension, texture, and a newfound soft luxury that can be layered into any space giving it a blended look. It’s very versatile in appearance going from French cottage to clean mid-century modern simplicity. It often creates a one with nature look.

Oak is also notoriously easy to paint if you don’t like the natural color. So, if it’s your style, that’s great. And if you ever sell your home, a buyer can easily transform your oak to match new cabinet color trends.

2. Multiple Finish Colors

Homeowners today benefit by having an almost endless list of finish colors and techniques. One of the up and coming kitchen cabinet color trends for 2018 is mixing several different finish colors together to create a unique look.

This style is all about taking different bits and pieces and making something new for example, you could have your upper cabinets finished in white and give the lower ones a natural wood look. It’s all up to your imagination.

3. Transitional Style

Transitional can withstand the age of time and travel throughout all styles. You can find an endless variety of designs from very subtle to bold and dramatic.

You can do whatever you like in the realm of style and color. For example, you can combine traditional style shaker doors painted white, with marble countertops, and a pretty chandelier added over the island for flavor. This style is perfect for when you want something simple yet interesting.

4. All Violet All the Time

Violet is the color of the year, and it’s really starting to make a splash. One of the popular kitchen cabinet color trends for 2018 is using bold colors in general and violet has always been a color associated with royalty and elegance.

The great thing about using violet is that the different shades pair very nicely together and serve as a strong complementary color. Make your kitchen creative and stand out by using this color to your advantage.

5. Complementing Marble

High-contrast marble with dramatic veining is making its way into kitchens all over. Some people use it just for countertops while others extend the slab up the walls to create a seamless backsplash. It’s even used to create a waterfall effect on kitchen islands, very dramatic!

This has certainly driven cabinet color trends this year. For the purists, cabinets go white for a sleek, clean feel. Others use the veining colors in the marble they’ve chosen to create a custom color for their cabinets. This has resulted in beautiful shades of gray, rich browns, even a golden color for a more eclectic look. The possibilities are endless!

6. Hello, Darkness

Remember when you were in middle and high school? You might have gone through that rebellious stage where pink was out and you wanted all of your clothes and accessories in black. Well, in the case of your kitchen cabinets, feel free to dip back into that teenage angst.

This doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy completely black cabinets. Go for a dark green or dark blue. This works well in combination with light colored counters and backsplashes for balance, even brass hardware for a hint of bling.

7. Blue and Green

Blue and green are awesome colors that go well together separately or together to make turquoise and teal.

The great thing about whatever you decide to do is that they go well with a bunch of other colors. Throw in white with it, or your favorite wood stain. Even butcher block countertops. If blue and green are your favorite colors feel free to just make everything in the kitchen those colors.

8. Rustic Meets Modern

Combining rustic and modern styles can be a fun thing to play with when designing your kitchen.

This involves using a wood tone for your cabinets then completing the look with rustic finishes like brass and silver, even leather. If you really want this look to pop then feel free to throw in stone for your counters and backsplash.

9. Gray is the New White

For the past few years, white has been a huge player in terms of cabinet color trends and for good reason. White creates a fresh and clean look in any kitchen space and will most likely continue to be popular despite gray trying to come in and steal the crown.

Two popular ways to go if you want to bring in gray is driftwood, which is a light gray, and graphite which is dark. No matter what you choose, gray can bring a dynamic look to your old space.

10. Contrast Light and Dark

Remember up above when we mentioned dark cabinets, well these dark colors go really well in contrast to light. You can match dark uppers with light wood lower cabinets which is one of the biggest cabinet color trends happening right now.

Contrasting light and dark colors will be sure to bring an interesting spark to your home.

Cabinet Color Trends for You to Bring to Your Remodel

2018 is bringing a lot of interesting cabinet color trends, isn’t it? You can go with a light dark contrast or bold royal purple. Seafoam green and blue can bring a beachy mood to your kitchen, and marble has its own class. Whatever you decide to do with your remodel, make sure it’s a unique and amazing as you are.

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