how much do new kitchen cabinets cost

Tips for saving money during your next custom cabinet project

Home and business owners don’t need to break their budgets to change the look of their kitchens and bathrooms with custom cabinets. Consider the following ways you can save money:

  • Replace the doors and hardware. Instead of replacing the cabinet boxes, update your existing cabinets with new custom doors, handles or knobs, and hinges.
  • Invest in veneers to reface your existing cabinets. If you like the size and layout of your existing cabinets but hate their appearance, hire an expert to install thin layers of veneers in the color and style of your choice on top of all cabinet surfaces.
  • Choose a less expensive cabinet material. It’s easy to save money by choosing pine instead of oak, for example. If you want cherry or oak, ask about cabinets made from low-cost reclaimed wood.
  • Sell or donate your old cabinets instead of throwing them out. When you receive money or a tax break for your old cabinets, the amount partially offsets the money spent on new ones.

At Builders Outlet, we know how to help our Denver clients stay within their budgets when performing custom cabinet renovations. For more money-saving tips and assistance with a bathroom or kitchen cabinets project, contact us today.

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