The Best Custom Doors to Complete Your Home Renovation Project

custom doorsBuilding a custom home or taking on house renovations can be a lengthy process. Depending on how in-depth you go, it can take months to get the little details in place.

That’s why it’s best to take the time to finish your renovation with something special. Something that will make your home stand out amongst the crowd.

Custom doors are the perfect way to do that. Instead of a plain wooden door that we’ve all seen hundreds of times, you could install doors that inspire and excite you. Doors that enhance the design of your home.

Today, Builders Outlet in Denver discusses interior door styles to get you started.

Flat Panel

Flat panel doors are a style that you see most often inside of homes. They’re wooden with a long center panel that stretches from the top of the door to the bottom. As the name suggests, it’s flat instead of being raised or contoured for a clean look.

These custom interior doors are a great way to meld your doors into the rest of your home’s design without taking over or attracting too much attention.

The nice thing about flat panel is that you can customize it however you’d like. For instance, instead of a wooden panel, you could substitute it with a chalkboard panel. That makes it a great alternative for a children’s bedroom or playroom.

You can also frame a flat panel with more wood to create a shaker look or recreate the Craftsman feel of a home if the original doors have been removed.

Raised Panel

When you introduce raised panels into the mix, you can get a little more intricate with the design of the different panel pieces. A more dimensional panel can include arched edges or simply sit square.

You could even go for a checkerboard look or an asymmetrical style that looks good without drawing too much attention. You can mix and match the shapes and sizes of the rectangular panels. You can even get away from the traditional rectangular shapes and go for something new.

A circle in the center of a custom door could accent other circle designs throughout your house. With a raised panel door, you could get a variety of different shapes and textures without costing a fortune.


Having a glass custom door can be a nice way to introduce a bit of luxury into your Denver home. It feels special and looks beautiful.

Glass doors give your home a feeling of extra openness and allow sunlight to brighten your rooms without the need for more lamps.

You can choose a variety of different designs to be etched into the glass, from cool patterns to nature motifs. There are also a lot of interesting textures available to choose from that can be easy on the eyes but still look unique. There’s always the choice to go for a smooth flat panel of glass as well.

You can even get specific designs etched into the glass. If you’d like to have a stylish door to use for your laundry room, you can get a cute design worked into the glass along with the words “laundry room”. This works for any kind of design or motif that you’d like, letting you explore many options and possibilities.

If you’re worried about privacy, glass can come in different shades of opacity. You can have a glass door that is completely see-through or a door that will never give away any secrets.


Resin makes for an interesting choice in custom interior doors. It can sometimes look similar to certain glass choices, but it expands upon the kind of designs you can get.

Resin allows you to introduce pops of color within the panels of your doors. If you want to have a little bit of blue within your door, that’s possible. Little streaks of red arcing into interesting patterns? That’s possible too.

With the help of resin custom doors, your choices for different designs and textures is expanded by a large margin. You can get floral patterns, leaf motifs, jagged textures, and more. You can even get the panel of resin in different shapes, giving you even more design options.

The best part is that this style of interior door feels just as luxurious as a glass option.

Carved Doors

Glass doors are not the only interior doors that can get something etched into their panels. You can do the same with wooden doors as well.

If you like the idea of leaves being etched into your door’s design but don’t like the idea of a glass door, then a carved door is the answer for you. You can get a design carved into the panels of the door itself, giving you many options to choose from while still looking classy.

You can go with more simpler options with carved doors as well. Perhaps opting for rectangular shapes carved into the wood instead of plain paneling.

Sliding Doors

Custom doors don’t necessarily need to be resting on hinges. Sliding doors, such as pocket and barn doors, are not as common as normal doors which make them a choice that will always give your home a special feel.

They’re perfect for offering a room, such as the living room, a bit more privacy. But instead of feeling closed off from the rest of the home, sliding doors let you choose whether you want to go for privacy and openness.

When you want a cozy time with family, you can close the sliding doors. When guests are over, you can open them to allow a wider feel to the room. They allow you to have a lot more options in the layout of your home without being cumbersome.

Plus, sliding doors are capable of achieving similar designs as all the other doors options.

Beautiful Custom Doors are the Perfect Finish to Any Home Renovation

There are hundreds of different styles of custom doors for you to choose from. Taking the time to mix and match and find that perfect fit is unlike any other feeling, and Builders Outlet will help you achieve it.

You’ll give your home a special and personal touch that you can’t achieve in other ways. It’s almost like adding the icing to a beautiful cake.

Interior doors are a functional item we all use every single day. Don’t hesitate to give them some extra love during your renovation or when building your custom dream home.

Contact us at any time for more information!

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