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Stay well-stocked during winter and emergencies with custom cabinetry

Stocking up on bulk food items is a wise way to prevent food shortages in your home during winter and natural or man-made emergency events. Whether you have an existing pantry or root cellar that needs more accessible and efficient storage or you want to add this type of storage to your basement, garage or outdoor shed, consider the following custom ideas for your project:

  • Store and access loose produce, such as apples, pears and root vegetables like loose beets, carrots, potatoes, and turnips, more easily with deep, wide ventilated drawers and tip-out bins.
  • Prevent non-perishables in cans and glass jars from falling off of shelves with built-in, permanent side rails and lockable tip-down rail fronts.
  • Use the door’s interior surface for storage of bulk spice containers on slim shelves or install a peg board to hang burlap and mesh bags, metal and plastic scoops, and other common pantry-related tools.

Keep in mind that these are only a few of the many features available for doors and cabinets. Our team at Builders Outlet in Denver has the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to help any homeowner create the custom pantry or root cellar they need for optimal year-round food storage. Call today for more information.

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