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Selecting the right wooden exterior door

When it’s time to give your house a little facelift, a wooden door is a classic choice. But you’ll need to select among three different kinds of wooden doors: solid wood, solid core, or hollow core.

Wooden doors are some of the highest quality doors on the market. With regular maintenance, wooden doors can last more than 100 years. No matter what kind of wooden door you choose, you can customize them.

Solid Wooden Doors

When selecting a solid wooden door, you have two options: a natural wood frame-and-panel construction or a solid, wooden slab. Of the two, frame-and-panel doors are most common and come in soft or hardwoods. Solid wooden doors offer good soundproofing, strength, and security. Of the three kinds of wooden doors, this one is the most expensive.

Solid-Core Doors

Solid-core doors have an engineered wood core with natural wood veneer. A high-quality wood veneer is glued to the solid core made of engineered or composite wood. With a solid core, this door offers good soundproofing and resists warping. These doors are sturdy and are almost as solid as a solid wooden door but are much less expensive.

Hollow-Core Doors

Hollow-core doors have a honeycombed cardboard or plastic interior with a layer of wood or fiberboard applied to the outside. Hollow-core doors are inexpensive and lightweight. Because these doors have a hollow core, they do not offer as much sound protection as solid doors. More often than not, homeowners use these doors as interior doors to save on construction costs.

If you’re looking to change the appearance of your home’s exterior, a wooden door is a solid choice. With regular maintenance, wooden doors can offer you years of security, soundproofing, and style.

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