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Our top kitchen cabinet organization recommendations

At Builders Outlet, we often receive requests for advice about how homeowners can make their kitchens feel less cramped and dreary. These requests aren’t always solved easily with new cabinet doors. Instead, some people are dissatisfied because disorganization makes their kitchen space uninviting. Think about these recommendations while planning your next renovation:

  • Tiered rotating shelves can end the frustrating search for items in dark corner cabinets.
  • Pull-out shelves also allow you to quickly access whatever you need without digging around in cabinet boxes.
  • A thin roll-out pantry installed between cabinets provides fast access to condiments in the middle of cooking.
  • Pegboards can also help you quickly locate spatulas, tongs and other large utensils and even pot lids, potholders and trivets.
  • Cabinet drawer bins near food preparation areas bring loose bulk ingredients like rice, flour, sugar and dried fruits close to your fingertips.

At Builders Outlet, we provide custom kitchen cabinets for homeowner renovation projects throughout the Denver region. For more information about how custom features like these can make your kitchen more enjoyable and spacious, contact us today.

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