Kitchen Cabinet Ideas That’ll Give You Inspiration for Your Renovation

kitchen cabinet ideasDid you know that most kitchen cabinets will last for up to 50 years?

So as you’re going through your kitchen remodel, you’ll want to make sure you do your cabinets right.

But it can be tough to know which direction to go in! That’s why we’ve compiled this list of kitchen cabinet ideas. And we’ve also added a few things you should try to avoid.

Check out the list below!

Ideas that Inspire

Color Customization

The first of our kitchen cabinet ideas is all about color. The bottom line here is that homeowners now want their kitchen to be unique. People aren’t interested in cookie-cutter designs. Instead, they’re looking for ways to create a truly custom space–and the color is one of the best ways to make this happen.

For many years, natural wood was the norm when it came to kitchen cabinets. But one new trend is painting them.

Many people are sticking with neutral tones like grey and soft green or blue. But darker, bolder colors like black, emerald green, and navy are also growing in popularity. This can give your space a high end feel at a small cost.

The three main categories people are using are light, medium, and dark. Let’s go through each of them a little.

  • Light colors consist of the neutrals we discussed above. These give a clean, simple vibe and are easy to match to.
  • Medium colors are probably the most common choice. Blues and yellows dominate here and create a custom but still homey feel.
  • The dark palette is used to create the most luxurious feeling. These include dark blue, plum, and black and instantly give any room a touch of drama.

Many cabinet companies are now producing pre-painted cabinets, but it is also an easy DIY task to get your cabinets painted. This can also be a cost-effective way to spruce up your current cabinets.

Clean, Minimalistic Aesthetics

Interior design the past few years has focused a lot on minimalism. And when it comes to kitchen design, cabinets are one of the main things to get the minimalistic touch.

Gone are the days when ornate design work on cabinet doors. Instead, people are opting for clean simple lines in the wood itself. Often this includes a recessed door complete with smoothed edges.

Simple handles are also included in our kitchen cabinet ideas. Look out for low profile styles, without much flair or excess design elements.

Oak is Back

When most people think of oak cabinets, their minds are transported back to the 80s and 90s when this was all the rage. Well, like most things in design, oak is back! But with a twist.

30 or 40 years ago, oak was usually stained in a honey color. After that trend, people opted for darker woods like cherry and maple.

Eventually, many builders started using engineered wood alternatives in their cabinetry. This is still very common for cost and customizability reasons.

However, oak is having a moment again. People are drawn to the hint of vintage but are doing it in a new way.

With oak, you get a nice neutral color that can be used in all types of homes. You may have noticed the super light driftwood stain that’s been growing in popularity. This is usually a light oak.

Whether you have a seaside cottage or a modern masterpiece, oak is one of the kitchen cabinet ideas you should consider for your space.

Add Under Cabinet Lighting to Your List of Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Under cabinet lighting has grown in recent years and is still a big trend in 2018. LED lighting is the most popular option because more and more homeowners are switching from traditional bulb types.

An under-cabinet light is great for parties, activities, and to add nice mood lighting to your space. And you have a lot of different installation options. Popular ways include strips, bucks, and bars.

If LED isn’t your style, you could also use xenon lights, halogen lights, or fluorescent fixtures. No matter what, under cabinet lighting can add an extra touch of customization to your kitchen.

Things to Avoid

Distressed Cabinets

For many years, distressed wood cabinets were all the rage in kitchen design. All throughout the 2000s, the French country kitchen was by far one of the most popular design styles.

But the truth is that this has now passed, including a staple of the French country kitchen: distressed and/or glazed cabinet finishes.

Instead, when it comes to kitchen cabinet ideas, pick a more modern finish like clean wood or a crisp, bold paint color. This is much more on trend.

Open Shelving

Look, the truth is that open shelves look really nice. They’re a great way to display what you have in your cabinets, especially if it adds a pop of color.

But it’s also true that open shelves really make more sense in a living room or bedroom to display antiques or special souvenirs. People really don’t need to see your cups and bowls, much less the dust that can accumulate on them.

When it comes to open shelving, it’s also a question of practicality. If you have children, there’s a big chance they will get into the things in your open shelves. This is especially true for little kids, including nieces, nephews, and grandkids.

Closed shelves also provide you with increased space and safety for your items. And that’s what you really need in your kitchen storage areas.

Appliance Garages

Appliance garages are custom cabinets created for your appliances. They are placed on a countertop, usually in a corner, and feature a little door that can be opened and closed to access your toaster or blender.

But the truth is that these are going out of style. One of the biggest reasons is that they take up a lot of counter space that could be otherwise used for meal preparation.

One thing people are doing instead is having cabinet drawers. Put your mixer, blender, and toaster in a specific drawer or bottom cabinet and simply pull out the drawer when you need your appliance.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve read through these kitchen cabinet ideas, it’s time to decide what will work best for you!

To get more inspiration, come visit us today to see our wide selection of cabinets, doors, and moldings.

Have further questions? Give us a call! We’re here to help.

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