I need new kitchen cabinets

Introducing your panel possibilities

For your kitchen or bathroom cabinet doors, consider these five possible paneling choices. Which might best suit the style of both your cabinetry and room…

  1. Raised – this adds an extra dimension to the surface, with either a simple or ornate design
  2. Flat – delivering a more clean, simple and streamlined finish
  3. Slab – this cabinet door features neither a frame nor a panel, and is an ultra-simple option
  4. Leaded glass – these are often a popular choice for bathroom cabinets
  5. Mullions – offering a vertical break in the panel design

Whichever you choose for your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, one final decision is just so easy – head to Builders Outlet at 2775 W 7th Ave

Denver for a great selection and friendly, expert advice…

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