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Hardware and handle choices for cabinets

You’ve selected your new cabinets, and now you need to decide on the hardware. Which knobs, pulls, or handles would best fit your style and utilitarian needs? The final touch of cabinet hardware can add a special, personalized polish to your completed cabinet project. There is an abundance of options, so have fun as you explore the beautiful choices. Here are some samples of what you will find:

Knobs: Check out basic wood spheres, metal shapes, vintage glass, and detailed ceramic versions.

Pulls: Test some curved, angular, wooden, metal, cupped, bar, sash, drop-handle, ornate, and over-sized pulls.

Hidden spring: Try these mechanisms within the cabinetry relying on a spring to open the door after pushing a corner.

Cut outs: View the sleek and covert handle design when a section on the edge of a cabinet door acts as pull space for your hand.

Give each style a try to see which feels and looks right for you. You may want something completely different on the doors in various rooms, such as the kitchen cabinets versus the bathroom cabinets. There are so many gorgeous selections available, one is sure to suit your aesthetic tastes and functional preferences. Talk to the team at Builders Outlet Colorado for more suggestions.

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