can I get white kitchen cabinets

Finding inspiration for your kitchen cabinetry project

We’ve compiled a list of some of the top kitchen cabinet ideas as well as a few things you should try to avoid.

What’s in?

1) Customized colors: Choose a color for your cabinets that brings you joy!
2) Keep it clean: Minimal aesthetics and a clean finish will keep your kitchen looking brand new.
3) Back to nature: Natural wood is in again, with oak wood and stains proving popular.
4) Cabinet lighting: Under-cabinet lighting provides a subtle, useful, and trendy touch.

What’s out?

1) Au revoir, French country: This distressed look is a thing of yesteryear.
2) Dust for dinner: Open shelving in the kitchen is just not a good idea.
3) Appliance garages? It’s time to say goodbye to these.

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