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Custom cabinetry can solve junk drawer disorganization

Homeowners and renters often set up a junk drawer in their kitchens that contains a variety of useful and not so useful odds and ends, such as batteries, ties and rubber bands, receipts, charger cords, writing instruments, sticky notes, paperclips, stickers, stamps, mesh bags, and even condiment packets. As anyone who has a junk drawer knows, it’s often difficult to find items quickly because they mix together and become hidden beneath or behind other items.

How do custom kitchen cabinets solve this problem?

  • Single and stackable wooden drawer organization inserts that feature small, medium, and large slots can help you organize items into sections.
  • Pegboards installed inside of cabinet doors can make it easy for you to hang and store a bag filled with ties and rubber bands, fruit mesh bags, and even grocery shopping bags.
  • A built-in or freestanding custom cabinet can turn a portion of your kitchen into an office and tech zone that features a white board, wide drawer with inserts designed specifically for office supplies, countertop cubby holes with vertical slots for notebooks or file folders, and a wooden box in a bread box style designed to store cords and cables near a wall outlet.

Our team at Builders Outlet helps customers in Denver create the kitchens of their dreams through custom cabinetry. Contact us today to find out how we can help you organize your kitchen with these and other solutions.

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