how to replace my kitchen cabinets

Add more space in your kitchen with custom cabinetry

One of the top reasons that homeowners decide to renovate their kitchens is because they lack enough counter and storage space. Although you can update existing cabinets to optimize the storage that’s already available, sometimes the only option is to add additional custom cabinets or start over entirely.

If you can’t afford a total renovation, then consider adding the following:

  • Island: A kitchen with a large, empty center area is the perfect layout for installation of a wide standalone cabinet that can serve as both extra storage and food prep space.
  • Peninsula: A peninsula is an extra cabinet that abuts your existing cabinets on one side. You can also make a peninsula breakfast bar with narrow shelves or pullout drawers positioned near the ends of the counter so that the middle serves as chair or stool storage.
  • Booth: A breakfast or window nook booth features a table surrounded on three sides with seats that contain custom under-seat boxes or drawers.

At Builders Outlet, we do a lot more than provide doors and kitchen and bathroom cabinets. We also offer customers a wide range of ideas to make the most of their available space. For more custom cabinet solutions, contact our team today.

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