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Custom double door entry Denver

Let the light in: selecting the right door

It’s fair to say that some hallways can perhaps be a little dark; especially if they offer a fairly narrow passageway through a corridor leading into the rest of your home. You might welcome a little more light, but not want the lack of privacy you can sometimes feel when adding large glass areas to…
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new wood moulding

Are all your bases covered?

It’s likely that, if you have youngsters, they’re going to be around the home much more than normal over the next period of time. Let’s be honest, they’re also probably going to get a bit fractious (as might we all). This can lead to accidental damage in your home. One area that might take a…
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how much does a new front door cost

Why your exterior door should match your interior

Exterior doors create a huge statement in your home as they are the first item people notice when walking to your house. However, this doesn’t mean you should choose a design and style that is different from your interior just to make a bold statement. Matching your exterior doors to your interior is essential as…
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how do I replace my kitchen cabinets

How to keep wooden and veneer cabinets from warping

Wood and fiberboard expand as they heat up and contract as they cool. Moisture also causes deterioration to both materials. To prevent temperature and humidity fluctuations that can cause your cabinets to start warping in places, follow these steps: Turn on the hood or ceiling ventilation fan. Vent-styles fans rapidly pull hot, moist air from…
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who can replace my kitchen cabinets

Tips for making your cabinets less noisy

Common materials used to make kitchen and bathroom cabinets, such as metal and wood, can create annoying sounds when in use. Hinges can make squealing and creaking noises. Swing-style doors often emit a loud bang when closed even gently against cabinet frames. If you’re dealing with noisy cabinets, try one of these solutions: Spray an…
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cabinet doors with glass

What are hidden cabinet features?

A kitchen, bathroom or other location isn’t limited merely to cabinet shelves for storage. A skilled cabinetmaker can install hidden features that make the most of every inch of space. Consider these following options for your next remodel or total renovation: Sink tip-out tray: A false drawer front adjustment and plastic tray installation at a…
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how to measure for a new door

Signs it’s time to replace your exterior door

Installing a new door in your home is a great way to increase curb appeal and secure your house. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t give much thought into their exterior doors and tend to repair them when they actually need replacement. Here are some signs that show your front door needs to be replaced. Mold and…
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What kind of front door is the bet door

Should you replace or repair your door?

Doors eventually wear and tear due to constant use over long periods. However, many homeowners don’t know whether to repair or replace their damaged doors. Here is a guide that can help you decide. When it comes to door repair, it’s a cost-effective, short-term option for minimal damages to your door. For instance, if your…
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cabinet doors with glass

How to choose good quality cabinetry

When you are shopping for bathroom cabinets or kitchen cabinets, you want to make sure you find those of a suitable quality. Here are some things that you should look for when shopping for bath and kitchen cabinetry. You should know the difference between frameless cabinet boxes and traditional wood cabinet boxes. Traditional wood cabinet…
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wood door moulding

How do you transition from wall to ceiling?

You may have set yourself a redecoration project as spring approaches, or perhaps you have recently moved into a new home and are still bringing it up to the style and standard you require. One area where an extra touch can be added is where your walls meet the ceiling. Rather than leaving the contact…
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cabinet handles

Give your cabinets a budget-friendly new look with hardware

At Builders Outlet, we often refer to cabinet hardware as “jewelry.” There’s a good reason. You can quickly and inexpensively update cabinets in your home while expressing your personality by simply changing the hardware. Consider the following: Cabinet doors that currently don’t have exterior hardware can look blank and uninviting in certain rooms depending on…
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cabinet doors with glass

Our top kitchen cabinet organization recommendations

At Builders Outlet, we often receive requests for advice about how homeowners can make their kitchens feel less cramped and dreary. These requests aren’t always solved easily with new cabinet doors. Instead, some people are dissatisfied because disorganization makes their kitchen space uninviting. Think about these recommendations while planning your next renovation: Tiered rotating shelves…
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