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Stay well-stocked during winter and emergencies with custom cabinetry

Stocking up on bulk food items is a wise way to prevent food shortages in your home during winter and natural or man-made emergency events. Whether you have an existing pantry or root cellar that needs more accessible and efficient storage or you want to add this type of storage to your basement, garage or…
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replacement kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinet color trends

Choosing the right color for your kitchen cabinets can make your kitchen the stand-out room of the house. So why not consider some of these current trends in kitchen cabinet styles? For knock-out cabinets, two-tone shades are a faultless choice. Pairing complementary colors or mixing textures like paint and wood grain can make for an…
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how do I replace my front door

If your door is squeaky

There can be several reasons as to why your door is squeaky, from poor lubrication to lose nuts and bolts. However, one of the common causes of squeaky doors is improper installation. Simply put, when you hire an inexperienced door company to install your doors, they’re more likely going to make some mistakes that impact…
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Custom double door entry Denver

Selecting the right wooden exterior door

When it’s time to give your house a little facelift, a wooden door is a classic choice. But you’ll need to select among three different kinds of wooden doors: solid wood, solid core, or hollow core. Wooden doors are some of the highest quality doors on the market. With regular maintenance, wooden doors can last…
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I need window moulding

What exactly is window casing?

This is a question one of our team was recently asked. Like many companies, we have terms that are in common use within our business but are less well-known in the real world. So, here goes… Window casing is the term for moldings that go around your window frames. When installed on the outside, they…
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Where do I buy white kitchen cabinets

Custom cabinetry can solve junk drawer disorganization

Homeowners and renters often set up a junk drawer in their kitchens that contains a variety of useful and not so useful odds and ends, such as batteries, ties and rubber bands, receipts, charger cords, writing instruments, sticky notes, paperclips, stickers, stamps, mesh bags, and even condiment packets. As anyone who has a junk drawer…
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Best cabinet company

Why do homes have picture rails?

There are many advantages in adding picture rails to a room. Incidentally, they were first introduced simply to allow people to hang pictures on them rather than damage traditional plaster walls – a frequent result of hammering nails straight into the surface! Nowadays, they offer a striking decorative addition and can also add an impression…
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cabinet doors with glass

Flat or raised?

Although these might sound like terms you would use when playing a card game, we’re actually talking about your kitchen or bathroom cabinet doors! These two choices can add a different finish to your project: FLAT center panels deliver the clean and streamlined contemporary look that you may be seeking. However, this finish can also…
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can I get white kitchen cabinets

Add style to your kitchen or bathroom cabinets with mullions

Mullions are the vertical elements placed between the solid units in a window, screen, or cabinet door. They offer an exciting decorative element for a superb final impression. No matter how elegant your cabinetry may appear, often it is uniform along its length. Adding mullions, or other alternatives such as louvered doors, beadboard panels, or…
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how to replace my front door

Flush, French, Pocket or Panel?

These are four terrific styles of doors; so, which one would best suit your needs? Here’s a quick look at each… FLUSH doors offer a simple flat slab, often solid for exterior models and hollow core for internal doors. FRENCH doors provide a charming double act (operating as a pair) and can provide an extra-wide…
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how much do new kitchen cabinets cost

Tips for saving money during your next custom cabinet project

Home and business owners don’t need to break their budgets to change the look of their kitchens and bathrooms with custom cabinets. Consider the following ways you can save money: Replace the doors and hardware. Instead of replacing the cabinet boxes, update your existing cabinets with new custom doors, handles or knobs, and hinges. Invest…
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cabinet built ins

Must-have features for your home office cabinets

The right cabinets will make your home office more attractive and efficient. When it comes to cabinetry, here are some must-have features. Cabinets must be versatile enough to store a variety of objects. Accordingly, adjustable shelving is a must. And smaller shelves inside the doors or file pockets along the side will allow you to…
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