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Our top kitchen cabinet organization recommendations

At Builders Outlet, we often receive requests for advice about how homeowners can make their kitchens feel less cramped and dreary. These requests aren’t always solved easily with new cabinet doors. Instead, some people are dissatisfied because disorganization makes their kitchen space uninviting. Think about these recommendations while planning your next renovation: Tiered rotating shelves…
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Three simple options for adding a personal touch to a room

You’ve probably visited homes where everything is neat and tidy, it’s beautifully appointed and skillfully decorated. And yet, you might just feel that something is missing. Then, you realize, the style somehow seems impersonal, a place that is closer to a show house than a lived-in home. There are three terrific ways to add both…
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Your home organization project needs functional storage

The Marie Kondo method of organization shines a bright light on the importance of only keeping items that are cherished and useful. These items deserve to be stored in practical places that not only keep them handy but display them in a beautiful way. Kitchen and bathroom cabinets are the mainstays in helping to keep…
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Should I repaint or replace my kitchen cabinets?

If you’re on a budget, one of the most cost-effective home improvements is paint. Adding color to your home can add quick value to your kitchen. Painting your kitchen cabinets The cost of painting your cabinets is usually 1/3 the cost of replacing. The paint applied is durable and lasts as long as new cabinets.…
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Custom bathroom cabinets in Denver CO

Factors to consider when selecting bathroom cabinets

Bathroom cabinets are essential in the storage of bathroom items. They should, therefore, be installed appropriately and should match with the interior design of the bathroom. When buying bathroom cabinets, it is essential to consider the following factors. The style of the cabinet, i.e. either freestanding or wall-mounted The number of sinks you desire in…
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Being picture perfect when you come to visit us

If you are considering new doors for your kitchen cabinets, then it’s important to paint a clear picture of the current situation. Now we don’t mean getting out an easel and brush! But it does pay to take time to carefully measure your kitchen, and then to take a series of clear photos both of…
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Benefits of Custom Cabinet Doors

The look and feel of your cabinet doors will affect the entire space of any room in your home. For example, if your doors are old-school and out of style, then your entire room will look and feel the same way. When you replace the cabinet doors you currently have with custom cabinet doors, you…
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Tiny bathroom? Streamline your cabinets!

If you have a very small bathroom, you’ll want to use the space as effectively as possible. There should be a cozy but comfortable feeling when one uses the facilities, without bumping their elbows and knees on protruding cabinets or towel racks. A custom cabinet maker can work with you or your contractor to design…
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Why you should have cabinets in your mudroom

Mudrooms are often used to keep dirt and clutter from getting into the rest of the house. But you don’t want your mudroom to be over-cluttered either. Cabinets won’t stop dirt, but they can hold everything else! There are many varieties of cabinets that you can put in your mudroom. You can have built-in cabinets…
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Custom double door entry Denver

Benefits of DIY home improvement

Are you looking to undertake a DIY home improvement project? You should consider installing a custom French door to brighten up your home. Many benefits accrue from DIY home improvement projects, including engaging in physical activity, having some quality family time, developing problem-solving skills, and saving costs. While DIY projects can be beneficial and fun…
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Optimizing your stove storage zone

Your kitchen cabinets should be organized in a work triangle accounting for the stove, refrigerator, and sink. Optimizing kitchen cabinets is about being efficient. When you are preparing food, you will need a stove top that allows you to move work freely, and adjacent cabinets that complement the stove top. Ideally, you should have a…
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How to cover any gaps between your floor and wall

It’s often the smallest of details that can be missed or can add that final touch to a room renovation. Amid all the grand and stylish touches, baseboards are fairly humble souls – although they can add a superb and decorative finishing touch to all your hard work. They are also very hard-working pieces of…
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