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Custom double door entry Denver

Why Have a Custom Front Door?

Your front door is one of the first things people see when they come to visit you. Often, they spend a few moments standing in front of it, so whether consciously or unconsciously, they’re taking note of it. If you have a standard, basic door, it won’t make much of an impression. A custom front…
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Interior doors Builders Outlet Denver Co

Time to look at your interior doors

If you are tired of looking at plain, boring interior doors, then it’s time to see what new designs are available. At Builders Outlet in Denver, we carry a wide selection of interior doors to choose from. We carry doors of all sizes and styles and decorative features such as raised panels and planks can…
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how do I replace my front door

Looking for that perfect entry door?

Front doors play an integral role in adding value to your home, for they not only protect your family from external threats but also give your house curb appeal. Nevertheless, when choosing a door, you must consider factors such as quality, energy efficiency, and if it matches the overall house appearance. As a result, you…
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how to replace bathroom moulding

Small bathroom cabinets

If you have a very small bathroom, you’ll want to use the space as effectively as possible. There should be a cozy but comfortable feeling when one uses the facilities, without bumping their elbows and knees on protruding cabinets or towel racks. A custom cabinet maker can work with you or your contractor to design…
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I need new kitchen cabinet hardware

Update you cabinet hardware

At Builders Outlet, we often refer to cabinet hardware as “jewelry.” There’s a good reason. You can quickly and inexpensively update cabinets in your home while expressing your personality by simply changing the hardware. Consider the following: Cabinet doors that currently don’t have exterior hardware can look blank and uninviting in certain rooms depending on…
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Where do I buy white kitchen cabinets

Sagging cabinets

Kitchen cabinets sag or drop because a hinge or screw is loose. However, improper installation, age, and overloading can also cause your kitchen cabinets to drop. It’s vital to call in a cabinet company to inspect your cabinets to determine the cause of the sag. For example, the top hinge of most cabinets begins to…
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Best cabinet company

That squeaky cabinet is driving me crazy

Common materials used to make kitchen and bathroom cabinets, such as metal and wood, can create annoying sounds when in use. Hinges can make squealing and creaking noises. Swing-style doors often emit a loud bang when closed even gently against cabinet frames. If you’re dealing with noisy cabinets, try one of these solutions: Spray an…
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who can replace my kitchen cabinets

How to choose quality cabinetry

When you are shopping for bathroom cabinets or kitchen cabinets, you want to make sure you find those of a suitable quality. Here are some things that you should look for when shopping for bath and kitchen cabinetry. You should know the difference between frameless cabinet boxes and traditional wood cabinet boxes. Traditional wood cabinet…
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who paints crown moulding

Simple options for adding a personal touch

You’ve probably visited homes where everything is neat and tidy, it’s beautifully appointed and skillfully decorated. And yet, you might just feel that something is missing. Then, you realize, the style somehow seems impersonal, a place that is closer to a show house than a lived-in home. There are three terrific ways to add both…
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can I get white kitchen cabinets

Your home organization project needs functional storage

Kitchen organization shines a bright light on the importance of only keeping items that are cherished and useful. These items deserve to be stored in practical places that not only keep them handy but display them in a beautiful way. Kitchen and bathroom cabinets are the mainstays in helping to keep things organized. When was…
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Who does Wainscoting in Denver

Should you be replacing your baseboards in 2021?

As the New Year gets into swing, it’s good to take a look round your home and seek out any small improvements that add together to make a big difference. A good example of these is baseboards, which are useful in covering any gaps at the joint between your floors and walls. Especially after a…
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how do I replace my kitchen cabinets

Custom kitchen cabinets for your lifestyle

Although the standard kitchen cabinet has had a fairly familiar layout for decades, it may not have always suited your needs. Thankfully, there are endless options and styles available when you consider custom cabinetry. From built-in lazy Susans for large households needing to cook quickly, to deep drawers to house your largest pots and pans,…
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